Flower Nursery

Ollek Nurseries evolved from us wanting to live in the country.  Our families have ties to farming going back to our grandparents.  We opened our first greenhouse in 1997 after purchasing it in 1996.  It has now expanded to 4 greenhouses where we grow a wide variety of annuals and vegetables, along with hanging baskets.  Our regular customers have commented that our baskets are the best in Kamloops.  We mostly wholesale our annuals, vegetables and hanging baskets.  We are open the public and our retail customer base is growing every year.  Being just 10 minutes from Aberdeen Mall, our customers enjoy a pleasant drive in the country to our greenhouses.

We specialize in growing a wide variety of annuals and all of the favorite vegetables such as tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, cucumbers, eggplant to name a few. In addition, our moss baskets and 12” hanging baskets burst with colors from the selection of flowers and vines in them. We do not sell trees or shrubs or perennials. 

Fundraisers are becoming very popular with our greenhouses.  The schools, sports teams and charities find the 12” baskets or vouchers very easy to sell and there is a very good profit margin for them.

Flower Nursery Gallery